VISITORS: select the JOIN tab above to join the club. MEMBERS: Click on the Events tab to display upcoming events. 

24 AUG:  Movie group (evening), 6 PM. Write to for details.
25 AUGSeaside luncheon, 1 PM; RSVP to
25 AUG: Rooftop, after-work meet-up, 6 PM.
15 SEPT: Rooftop luncheon, 1 PM.
20 SEPT: Wine and cheese tasting.

13 OCT: Guided tour and luncheon 12-3

14 NOV:  Thanksgiving luncheon.


JOIN our FB groups

Following our secret FB group 

Contact our membership coordinator at and request to be added to the AWC’s secret FB group by providing her with your registered FB email address.  

Secret FB group members participate via invitation only.

Don't know your registered email? 

  1. Log into your Facebook account on your electronic device. 
  2. Click the tiny arrow in the right top corner of the page
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Review your General account settings. Your registered email is indicated as Contact.

* * *

Getting general AWC news from FB

 Log in and display Facebook.

  1. Type this in the search field at the top of the screen:
    American Women’s Club.
  2. Click on the row in the drop-down menu that displays the club’s name. Then wait for our FB page to display.
  3. Look for the Like (<) button and click on it. Then click on the +Follow button. Within 24 hours, news should start to flow into your FB newsfeed.


Things you can do in the American Women's Club Stockholm online community: 


1. Read the Round Robin our newsletter.

2.  Check out info about life in Sweden; click on Newcomers.

3.  Join a Group or two or three! Actually, join as many as interest you. And if you want to start a group on your own, we welcome that. Contact us with your group ideas.

4.  Customize your profile to share as much or as little about yourself as you like. Just click on the My page tab at the very top.

5.  Share your AWC event photos. Did you get some great pics at one of our events? Feel free to upload them to Event photos (no personal pics please, use the text box on My page for those).

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