AWC Stockholm provides a sense of fellowship to Americans living abroad. The club sponsors events like holiday celebrations and monthly coffee, lunch, and evening gatherings. We also support women's issues and Swedish-American exchange through volunteer opportunities, fundraising, and our annual scholarship.


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The AWC aims to foster friendship among American women and support their assimilation into Swedish life.


The club is led by an Executive Committee of member volunteers. Scroll down to see the current committee.


Founded in 1911, the AWC Stockholm is the second oldest American women's club outside the US. Louise Woods-Beckman and Carrie Chapman Catt were charter members. Cecilia Graves, wife of the American minister in Sweden (there was no embassy at the time, only a legation), was the first president. The first election was held in the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Since then, more then 20 women have served as president, among them the legendary Peggy Johnson, Ruth Eldstrom, and Estelle Bernadotte.

Since 1911, we have grown from 16 charter members to more than 300. While our membership has fluctuated and individual and global priorities have shifted and have been redefined, the club and its reasons for existence remained constant for over a century—providing shared warmth, support, fun and motivation to American women and their families living in Sweden.​


2017–2018 Executive Committee

President | Marilyn B. | Member since 1984
First Vice President | Kimberly A. | Member since 2001
Second Vice President | Judy P. | Member since 1983
Treasurer | Kathy N. | Member since 1984
Secretary | Adrianne G. | Member since 2009
Membership Coordinator | Danielle W. | Member since 2014
Database Coordinator | Leslie C. | Member since 2000
Evening Events Coordinator | Zebine B. | Member since 2012
Business Manager | Elizabeth P. | Member since 2000
FAWCO Representative | Sofia T. | Member since 2011
Embassy Liaison | Teresa A. | Member since 2013
Information Liaison | Carole H. | Member since 1988
Newsletter Editor | Tiffany A. | Member since 2016
Web Administrator | Caitlin H. | Member since 2012