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24 FEB:  Mardi Gras party; click on the Bulletin board tab for details
25 FEB
:  COFFEE BREAK get-together 
28 FEB:  Movie club, day-time movie

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 2 MAR:  Stockholm after dark (STAD) gathering 
 7 MAR:  Seminar, personal shopping with 15% discount
 9 MAR:  Town hall meeting for all members; details behind Events tab
14 MAR: Night-time movie
15 MAR: Wine tasting; details behind Bulletin board tab
17 MAR:  Lunch
22 MAR:  AWC Wednesdays event
25 MAR:  COFFEE BREAK get-together 
30 MAR:  Day-time movie


Important information regarding application for the Jessie Lokrantz scholarship (2017-2018 academic year)

* * *


Who is eligible?

  • Applicants must be American citizens.

  • Applicants must be either resident in the US and attending an accredited Swedish university or resident in Sweden and attending an accredited US institute of higher education (college, university or graduate school).

  • The course of study must be for at least one year.

  • Both female and male applicants are welcome.

When can applications be submitted?

Applications can be submitted between 1 FEB and 30 APR 2017.

Where do I apply?

Scroll down.

How much is the award

There is no fixed amount, and the award varies from year to year.  Generally speaking though, it is sufficient to cover a round-trip economy class ticket between the United States and Sweden.

When will the successful applicant(s) name(s) be published?

The scholarship committee’s decision will be made no later than 31 JUNE 2017.

Is there anything else I should know?

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend at least one AWC event during the course of the academic year for which the scholarship is granted.

Questions? Please write to

Good luck!

AWC Stockholm Jessie Lokrantz Scholarhip Foundation
Organization ID 802010-6582.
Donations are welcome to bankgiro number 392-6995.

Fill in and submit:



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