Week 13. 28 MAR: 20 'n 30 somethings (brunch).
Week 14.   3 APR: Good Friday; Passover starts.
Week 15.   6 APR: Easter; 8 APR: City evening book club. 11 APR: Passover ends.
Week 16. 16 APR: Evening event: demo, info sharing, 10% discount.
Week 17. 22 APR: Luncheon. 25 APR. COFFEE BREAK.
Week 18. 28 APR: STAD. 28 APR: RSVP deadline for Cinco de Mayo and book swap..
Week 19.  MAY: Cinco de Mayo and book swap (potluck & BYOB); 9 MAY: Luncheon.
Week 21. 20 MAY: Wine reception.
Week 22. 27 MAY
5–5:30, arrival. 5:30–6, socializing. 6-8, AGM. 8–?, more socializing.

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Things you can do in the American Women's Club Stockholm online community: 


1. Read the Round Robin, our newsletter.

2.  Check out info about life in Sweden; click on Newcomers.

3.  Join a Group or two or three! Actually, join as many as interest you. And if you want to start a group on your own, we welcome that. Contact us with your group ideas.

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Our mission: To foster friendship among American women and help them assimilate into Swedish life. Contact info@awcstockholm.org.


The AWC Stockholm is the perfect place for American women to make contacts and build relationships while living in Stockholm. Join today to participate in our activities and groups and enjoy the fellowship.  Participation in the AWC Stockholm occurs in two ways:

1. United States (US) citizens apply for membership on the basis of their citizenship.

2. Interested women, who are not US citizens, might be able to join as an AWC friend.  An AWC friend is someone who does not hold US citizenship but has significant ties to the United States.  Examples of significant ties include having lived in the United States for some time or being married/having been married to a US citizen(s). If you are applying as a non-US citizen be sure to explain your connection in detail on your application.

Fill out your membership application today:

American women (US citizens) Friends (Not US citizens)


Membership fees for new:

Members: SEK 450 via bank transfer* or SEK 470 via PayPal

Members; students & retirees: SEK 275 via bank transfer* or SEK 295 via PayPal

(Students must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university. Retirees must be 65+ or hold valid pensioners cards from the Pensionsmyndigheten.)

NOTE: For a limited time only, new members get a free copy of Modern Day Vikings - a practical guide to interacting with the Swedes.


Renewals (made every  year in September):
Members: SEK 350 via bank transfer* or SEK 370 via PayPal

Retirees: SEK 175 via bank transfer* or SEK 195 via PayPal

Students: SEK 175 via bank transfer* or SEK 195 via PayPal


*Bankgiro; account no. 377-9444

Our club season runs from September through May. Some groups have summertime activities. Contact us via info@awcstockholm.org.



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The American Women's Club in Stockholm provides a sense of fellowship to Americans living abroad. The club sponsors activity groups, luncheons, holiday activities, museum tours, trips, evening events, and volunteer activities. We offer support groups and a variety of fun activities for our members.